Samurai Hormone Episode 1

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Based on the adult game by Clam Chowder.[wpfp-link]

Machi Gurumi no Wana: Hakudaku ni Mamireta Shitai Episode 4

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On the recommendation of her father’s friend, Atsuko takes up a teaching position at Nansui Academy.One day,pictures taken by a peeping tom are put up on the notice board.The identity of the culprit is unknown,but ...

Spocon Episode 1

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Sportswear Complex[wpfp-link]

Tennen Koi-iro Alcohol Episode 2

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No synopsis has been added for this series yet.[wpfp-link]

Chichi-iro Toiki Episode 2

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Based on the adult manga by Goban.[wpfp-link]

Konna ni Yasashiku Sareta no Episode 2

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Based on the manga by Kishizuka Kenji.[wpfp-link]

Enbi Episode 2

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Based on the adult manga by Miyabi Tsuzuru.[wpfp-link]

Furifure Episode 1

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Based on the adult novel by Noesis, Ori and Kizoku Coffee.[wpfp-link]

Mahou Shoujo wa Kiss Shite Kawaru Episode 1

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Based on the adult PC game by TeamBitters.[wpfp-link]

Helter Skelter Hakudaku no Mura Episode 3

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Miu and her family of four women are well-known in the media for being aspiring young celebrities. Her mother, Sayoko, is a famous fashion designer and has scored a job for the family to shoot a TV production; a r...

Fechikano! Episode 1

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Based on the adult manga by Lapis Lazuli.[wpfp-link]

Ane Kyun! Episode 1

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Based on the adult maga by Yuzuki N’.[wpfp-link]

School of Darkness Episode 2

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Yuko is trying to escape from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Taki. After a herrible incident,Yuko seeks out Ayano, her best friend and lover. Ayano invites Yuko to join her in the shower, where she uses her tongue to comfor...

Moonlight Lady Episode 1

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Suzuna is the only daughter of the Kuraki family. She is training hard to become a priestess. Tomomi bings her to the house of her husband-to-be. The mansion is under a strange spell, releasing the sexual desires of e...

Hypno Love Episode 2

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Murakoshi Yuta is an extraordinary student at an ordinary high school.. but he isn't treated in an extraordinary way. Infact, every student hates him. Ontop of that, even the teachers and other students' parents hate ...

Destined for Love Episode 2

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Shinya's school days are boring until Akane, a woman that his brother was to marry due to a family arrangement, started attending the same school that he was attending. Shinya remembers meeting Akane when they were yo...

Words Worth Gaiden Episode 1

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The skill of sword-fighting is known to two tribes, the Tribes of Light (which consists of humans living on the world’s surface) and Shadow (mostly part humans, part animals or monsters living in an underground city, ...

Magical Twilight Episode 3

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Tsukasa Tachibana is taking his final exams for the third time, but little does he know is that he's the test for three witches, and things go from bad to worse![wpfp-link]

Mistreated Bride Episode 2

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Mitsuko is a beautiful woman who had just married. She went to her husband's house and began to live with his family, but it was the beginning of her life as a sex slave for most of the males in her husband's family.[...

Private Sessions Episode 1

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Professor Saki used to be a normal woman... until her heart and mind were twisted by her sadistic boyfriend Mikami. Fired from his last teaching job for assaulting one of his students, he forces Saki into getting him ...

Kyonyuu Fantasy Episode 1

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There is no plot summary for Kyonyuu Fantasy at this moment. We’ll work on getting one up as soon as possible![wpfp-link]

Grope: Yami no Naka no Kotori-tachi Episode 1

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An earthquake hits and the only survivors in the school are Fubuki, Shinichi, Mizuha and Takaaki. Fubuki and Shinichi are childhood friends with feelings for each other, but both are unwilling to admit it. Despite ...

Pisu Hame! Episode 4

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A 2nd Year High school student and a Kendo club member, Tamao Tsukamu, admires his senpai, the club captain, Kiritani Konome.One fateful day, she asks him for a favor involving making special kinds of photos for the s...

Reijou Caster: Ingyaku no Wana Episode 1

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Based on the game by Will[wpfp-link]

Hump Bang Episode 2

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There is no plot summary for Hump Bang at this moment. We’ll work on getting one up as soon as possible![wpfp-link]

Offside Girl Episode 2

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Nanami is a girl who always liked Akira, but she thinks that the thing that got in the middle of their love was soccer, therefore she kind of hates soccer.One day Akira asks her to be the soccer school team manager ...

Qualiaffordance Episode 1

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Synopsis Base on H-game. [wpfp-link]

Aku no Onna Kanbu Episode 1

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No synopsis has been added for this series yet.[wpfp-link]